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Each of our treasure hunts on the Isle of Lewis takes you on a journey to solve one of our great Hebridean Mysteries….of course when we say “solve” we mean as best we know, for fable and time have clouded the actual events….maybe on the way you can uncover the real truths?

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treasure hunts on ISLE OF lewis & Harris

Our island treasure hunt takes you all over the island to all our key sites and more. Gather the clues and spend time at the end of the day figuring out the puzzle!

Island Adventure

We offer three, vehicle based, treasure hunts, for North Lewis, South Lewis and Harris.

Fun For All

Whether you are on your own, in a group or with a family our hunts are great for everyone.

Take Your Time

Covering all the island sights  take your time and break your hunt up over a few days.


Solve The Clues

Have fun discovering the sights and solving the clues as you go to help with the big puzzle!

Three Great Hunts

Single treasure hunt £7.99 or £14.99 for all three!


This is the easy question! Every year we welcome guests to our holiday home and we love having them come to visit us. We honestly hope you would like to be one of our guests too! With every guest we always spent time explaining what there was to see and do, and every now and again we would accompany some of our guests to the sights.

Then it dawned on us!

Why not come up with a great way for our guests to see the island and have fun without the need for us to bore them with hours of explanations and maps! This is where the idea of our treasure hunt came from and we love it. We hope you do too!


Three different hunts


Vehicle required for large distances


Level of walking suitable for 9 to 90


Split your hunt over a few days


Low cost and high fun


Stay with us and hunt with us

Three Great Options

Since there is so much to see and do, and some of the distances can be quite far (especially on our single track roads) we have created three unique hunts, with three unque sets of clues and puzzles. So why not give them all a try?

Our Charity Choice

We give £2 from every purchase of our treasure hunts to our chosen charity.

For 2019 we have elected to support the Western Isles Cancer Care Initiative


Our treasure hunts are engaging and fun but they are also designed to take you, your friends and your family to all the key sights on the island. The self-guieded, at your own pace hunts are perfect for a short break or a vacation where you will be able to spread it over a few days and go back to the things you really enjoyed!

Easy, No Stress, Hunting

Unlike Sherlock or Poirot our hunts are easy on the mind and body. With only light walking at each stop, and plenty opportunities to feed up at our island eateries whilst you hunt, these hunts are the perfect way to inject fun into your trip!


See all the key sights on Lewis and Harris


Choose from our three hunts or buy them all


Fun for all the ages


All from the ease of your vehicle

How does it work?

You purchase and download our treasure hunts which can be printed or read from a mobile device.   You can ask for us to mail you a copy too.

You then use your car or bike or public transport to make your way around our self-guided hunt seeing all they key sights on the Isle of Lewis and Harris to solve puzzles and gain the clues to help you solve our mysteries!

Our trails are for all ages and most of our stops are fully accessible (some have restrictions due to the nature of the land).

What is the aim?

Apart from discovering the best of the Outer Hebrides you will also get the chance to solve a mystery as a result of solving our clues as you travel around the island.

So make sure you write everything down, or capture it on your mobile device, so that when you get home you can work on solving the mystery!

Then submit your answer for the chance to win a prize!

Submit your solution…

Ready to solve the mystery?  For a chance to win a prize just head over to our prize entry page and let us know!


Purchase and download our treasure hunt today. Our hunt is available in PDF to download but can also be easily read from a mobile device – just make sure you have a pen and paper handy to solve the clues!




Each of our Treasure Hunts focuses on finding clues to help you solve some of our great Hebridean mysteries

Lewis North & West

Solve the mystery of the lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mor, in the Flannan Isles.  Only you can finally discover what really happened to them…..according to the conclusions of the Lighthouse Board at the time.

Lewis Stornoway & Point

There was a mysterious incident involving a UFO on Saturday, October 26,1996, off Ness in the north of Lewis.  Flashes and explosions in the sky were reported by a number of credible witnesses from as far as Stornoway.  No we rely on you to explain what happened as you hunt for the clues…

Uig & Isle of Harris


In the mid 1960s a skeleton which was thought to be that of a young man was found by two men on the moor.  The remains were analysed to be the body was that of a young man who had died after receiving a fatal blow to the head.  You can solve the mystery of how he died…

Where Do We Visit


Clearly we do not want to give all the answers away but we are happy to advise that you will visit all the islands main sights and you can get a sense of what can be seen by checking out our Visit Bru website and checking out the attractions section!